Frequently asked questions:

1) How long has Sea Tow existed?
Sea Tow was founded in 1983 in the USA and currently serves more than 180,000 members worlwide.

2) Where do I find Sea Tow?
Sea Tow Europe started its services in Croatia, Italy, Montenegro Holland and Germany. The Sea Tow network has already been operateing in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica and Australia for many years.

3) In which regions does the Sea Tow membership apply?
Your Sea Tow membership is accepted world wide. If you sign up in Croatia today, you will enjoy Sea Tow services whereever Sea Tow Europe operates, even in UTC location where Sea Tow does not operate.

4) Where are the Sea Tow bases located?
Sea Tow Europe bases are located in Croatia, Holland (Ijsselmeer) and Germany.

5) Which services are included in the membership?
Benefits for Sea members are free towing, free jump starts, free fuel drops, free prop disentanglements and free soft ungroundings. Weather – and sea condition reports, as well as a brochure and further benefits complete the Sea Tow package, so that boaters can enjoy “Peace of Mind”™ on the water.

6) How much is the annual fee for the membership?
A Gold Card membership, which covers your boat, is €149 – per year. If you are boating on more than one boat, we recommend the additional “Skipper´s Upgrade” for €21 – per year.

7) How long does the membership last?
Your membership is activated for 12 months. Sea Tow Captains are available 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

8) How do I cancel the membership?
Membership lasts 12 months and is renewed every year if you do not cancel. You can always cancel by the end of the year (with a notice period 8 weeks)

9) Do I need to be a boat owner ?
No. With “Skipper’s Upgrade”, Sea Tow services are available to you as the registered Skipper on every boat you charter, rent, lease or ship.

10) What is the “Advantage Network™”?
Companies which are members of the Advantage Network offer special discounts for members. The network operates worldwide and already includes boatshops, restaurants, hotels, service companies, etc.