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N E W I N S E A T O W ! ! ! S E A S O N A L M E M B E R S H I P
A L R E A D Y F R O M 57 € ! ! !

Do you want to feel safe during the navigation and it is less than two months? Sea Tow offers a solution in the form of Seasonal memberships.

The Seasonal membership is for a period of two months from the date of activation. The free services that are included in the price are:
– Towing
– Fuel Drops
– Benefits at the Sea Tow partners

Besides the above mentioned benefits the Seasonal membership offers discounts up to 30% on all other services.
The price of Seasonal membership for boats up to 13 m length is only 57 €, and for boats longer than 13 m it is only 77 €.

If you want to feal safer, we can recomend downloading the Seasonal membership. When you fill it out, mail it or fax it to us at: or
+49 (0) 7231/4579-75


Formular for Seasonal membership.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document [105.5 KB]


Info for all boaters who didn’t pay VAT in EU with EU flag boat
Since most of you already know all about this topic, we would like to inform you the latest decision from the Croatian ministry which was published on January, 15th. The Ministry has created flyers where every detail is explained and you will be able to find it with any port authority or simply download it here in English or German.

If you have any more questions or you need some tips, please do not hesitate to contact the Sea Tow Europe team and we will help you out!

pdfFlyer-EN-TISAK.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document [418.7 KB]



pdfFlyer-DE-TISAK.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document [457.0 KB]



pdfFlyer-HR-TISAK.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document [460.6 KB]