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Sea Tow General FAQ

What is Sea Tow and why do I need it?

Sea Tow is a provider of assistance at sea, comparable to road assistance, except it is on water. If you are a boat owner or skipper, you might need our service due to engine breakdown or other problems. Sea Tow provides a professional service and advice, so if you are a beginner or a professional, we make sure you are covered while sailing.

Where can I use Sea Tow service in Europe?

Sea Tow is present in territorial waters of Croatia, Slovenia and Malta. For a more detailed info, please check our map

Payment and Memberships FAQ

How much does it cost to be a member?

If you are not a member, you will have to pay a full price ( check out the prices here ) If you are a member, 90% of service is free, except the re-floating that cannot be done by pulling with one boat and mechanical works.


How much it cost to be a member?

For 7m boat and two-week option; we have an offer for only 60 EUR.

If you have a bigger vessel, you can have a seasonal membership starting from 95 EUR.

For two week option, we suggest a sailor membership for 80 EUR. With it, you will get full membership service for two weeks. It is applicable for sailors sailing on the vessels up to 15 m lengths.


Can I call Sea Tow if I have an injured crew member?

In case of injury, please call MRCC Rijeka on telephone number 195. According to the Croatian and Maltese law, no commercial service is allowed to do a patient transport.

What if I have a hard grounding?

You will have to pay the full amount for re-floating regardless the membership.


What do I get with membership?

With membership, you get two free services during a season or over a period of two weeks, depending on the membership option. If you are in your AOR (20 NM from homeport), you can get a free towing to your homeport. If not, we will tow you to the nearest service.

In case of grounding, you will get free re-floating regardless the position inside the Croatian or Maltese territorial waters. For other free service go to the link or read our Membership Services


Yaht-Pool International and Sea Tow Europe

Why should I take Yacht-Pool International kasko policy?

If your boat has a kasko policy, in case of hard grounding and Sea Tow’s engagement, Yacht-Pool International will refund all the assistance costs to the client, and ST member will get a new membership for the next season for free. If so, the client has to contribute to the damage, as stated in the policy as deductible (franchise).

So why should I take Yacht-Pool International kasko and Sea Tow membership?

If you have a minor problem, ST membership covers it for free. If it is too big and expensive (repairs, salvage etc.), Yacht-Pool International will cover it, and you will get a new membership for next season for free!