Why choose Sea Tow ?

We offer peace of mind and free services for our members in waters of Croatia, Slovenia and Malta

Sea Tow is the perfect choice for sailors and the ones that will become one

There are many reasons to become a Sea Tow member, but the truth is: everyone needs assistance at sea. Everyone needs someone to rely on while sailing.

We are the ones you can depend on.

The mission of Sea Tow is to be there for you, whenever and wherever you need us.

Along the Croatian coast, and around the island of Malta, we gathered local operators with their boats and knowledge to follow the highest marine standards for assistance at sea and serve others.

How does it work and what do we do?

Sea Tow is a commercial sea assistance company.

We have specialized in all of the aspects in the field; from fuel delivery to hard re-floating.

Sea Tow is the first sea assistance company that also offers On-spot service, to avoid unnecessary towing and a loss of your valuable holiday time.

You can become a member in just a few easy steps and spend the whole year without worry.

Why do you need a commercial assistance at sea?

There are several reasons: first is that National Coast Guard’s main focus is rescuing the crew, and in case of need, they will only help you and your crew, but they won’t take the responsibility for the vessel. It is same with the cars. But you can always leave a car on the road and wait. On the water is, let’s say, slightly different. Second, who can you call? You are a sailor because you like to explore. It’s a huge possibility you will find yourself in the middle of an unknown area. That’s why you can always call us, and we can guarantee you the best service according to our standards. Third, it’s not that cheap. If it were, everyone would be sailors, except for the seasick friend (and there is always one). It costs to be available, to have a powerful boat, knowledge, and the responsibility. With our membership program you save your money, and avoid fighting with the local heroes / modern pirates.

Speaking of them, the consequences of incompetent labour might be severe.

What if, during the salvage process, you encounter a bigger problem, or even a major hull damage than it was? Who is responsible if your boat hits another while getting into the port? And what about the receipt for the insurance? Read below

 You need a receipt to have your costs to be refunded from your insurance

We have it all. Whether you are our member or not, you will get a receipt, written report with all the data (including the report from tracking device).

And speaking of, do you know that our partner YACHT POOL is one of the best insurance agencies in Europe!

Who pays not only for the damage claim, but also for the costs of assistance according to your agreed terms and conditions of the policy when it exceeds free membership benefits!

Check our web page, or give us a call.

Sailing shouldn’t be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be. With education, we want to bring it closer to the people. We are here to help you with the advice, or assistance at sea.

Because, even though we like the loneliness at sea while sailing, it’s good to have someone looking after you.

24/7 Helpline: +385 99 222 8000

Trouble at sea? Give us a call, we are there for you 24/7!

Stop Worrying 

Start Enjoying Your Vacation